PosCon profile sensors – Width measurement  – Height measurement – Measurement of round objects – Web edge measurement independent of radial or axial runout – Standard multi-spot sensors

Standard multi-spot sensors


  • Measuring distances up to 150 and 500 mm
  • Resolutions up to 2.0 μm
  • Linearity deviations +/- 0.08 and 0.11 %
  • Digital interface RS 485 and Touch Display
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Multi-spot laser distance sensor – Mulit-spot with ethernet Interface and webserver – Hight measurement with OPC UA, Modbus TCP and webserver

Mulit-spot with ethernet Interface and webserver

OM70-X Ethernet

  • Measuring distances up to 150 mm
  • Resolutions up to 2.0 μm
  • Linearity deviations +/- 0.08
  • Ethernet interface with Modbus TCP and OPC UA
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A new benchmark in precise distance measurement

Thanks to the multi-spot technology used, critical measuring problems are solved quickly and simply. The compact sensor provides exact and reproducible measuring results without any complicated conversion or external software. Whether in assembling and handling, wood or ceramics processing, or in the construction of special machines, Baumer multi-spot makes quality and precision easily.

Versions with Industrial Ethernet interface and integrated web server allow simple and uncomplicated configuration of even demanding measurement tasks. Measured values can be live observed and analyzed.

Your benefits
  • Stable, reproducible measurements even on unevenly shiny and extremely rough surfaces
    • Three integrated measuring modes: Mean, minimum, maximum
    • Mean value of up to 600 measured values per measurement with a measuring frequency of up to 1540 Hz
  • High measuring accuracy even under varying ambient light conditions
    • Resolution of up to 2 μm
  • Fast, simple installation and commissioning of the calibrated sensor
    • Measured value display in millimeters
    • Compact measuring device without complex external software
  • Complex measurement tasks made easy
    • Quick and easy parameterization of simple and complex measurement tasks via an intuitive web interface. Live monitoring of measured values
  • IIoT-Ready
    • Ethernet interface with OPC UA and Modbus TCP.




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