Video "Width, edge and gap measurement"

The compact sensor is an efficient alternative to complex laser measuring systems. The OXE7 sensor reliably measures edge positions as well as object and gap widths without external software, processing device or reflector.

Your benefits
  • More freedom in machine construction and easy installation 
    • Optimum design thanks to optically aligned axis (qTarget)
    • Fast sensor alignment thanks to visible laser line and LED indicators
    • Any inclined installation position within 

Smart width and gap measurement - PosCon OXE7 – Applications

Smart width and gap measurement - PosCon OXE7 – Technology

This extremely compact sensor does not require reflector, evaluation unit or externally installed software.
The laser line projected by OXE7 reflects on the object surface and is mapped on a 2-dimensional optical receiver using triangulation. The particularly developed multiple lens system ensures the required optical mapping quality. The precise distance to the object surface is measured along the laser line and then calculated by means of smart algorithms and high-performance coordinate transformation. The calculated edge positions, object width or gaps are transferred via electrical interface. With objects moving along the Y axis, the synch-input is used to determine the precise measuring spot on the object.

The 3 dimensions:
X direction: edge position along the laser line
Z direction: edge position independent of the object distance 
Y direction: edge position along the moving direction using the sync-input


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