Your benefits
  • Flexibility in the machine design and fast setup
    • Optimized design thanks to optically aligned axis (qTarget)
    • Fast sensor alignment thanks to visible laser line and LED indicatorss
    • Installation at any angle within ±30°
    • Sensor operation without a reflector
  • Easy to adaptation without programming effort
    • Predefined measuring functions for selected applications
    • Only a few parameters for measuring task optimization
    • No external software required
    • Measured value output in millimeters thanks to calibrated sensor
  • Accurate measuring results even under demanding conditions
    • Accurate measurements even on high-gloss, black or very uneven surfaces
    • High measuring rates for fast-moving objects
    • High immunity to ambient light

Flexible integration – Smart Multi-Tool – Best-in-class usability  – Real-time analysis and monitoring – Secondary information – Measurement of round objects - PosCon OXC7 – Applications


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