It is always a well-kept secret and only revealed an hour before kick-off: The  line-up of the team. Who has been selected by the Coach to become part of the national team competing in the World Cup? What tactics did he come up with for the next match?   

Likewise in soccer, sensor solutions require optimum line-up and careful attention for equally strong positions while eliminating any weak links. Needless to say that the team players are expected to do their best for common success.   

Just in time for the World Cup, we present the selection of our Top 11 products and reveal a well-kept secret:


Goal keeper

Full concentration and a strong focus on important details - nothing escapes our VeriSens Vision Sensors, even at a speed of up to 8000 inspections/minute. Hence, you can always be sure of the reliability you need for quality control. 


Our GCA5 cable transducers are in excellent shape and stand out by their large radius of action. They ensure high linearity throughout the entire measuring range of max. 4700 mm and are ideal where extreme durability is required in long-term use.

Tough when it's rough - our CX IP 65/67 cameras  master critical situations at operating temperatures from -40 °C to 70 °C. 

Also our HeavyDuty encoders HMG10 / PMG10 ensure field safety thanks to their robustness and resilience even under the toughest conditions. 

Our ultrasonic sensors reliably respond to every move of the opponent. They recognize transparent, high-gloss and multicolored objects and capture every detail. Their defense capabilities characterize by outstanding speed and resistance. 


Our high-performance OM70 laser distancesensors are the midfield strategists when it comes to precision. They act with micrometer precision in every match, even when it's getting tight.

Our inclination sensors of the GIM500R series characterize by ultimate precision and absolute reliability in any situation. Absolute accuracy of up to ±0.1˚ ensures precise and reliable positioning.

Our flow sensors ensure fluent matches and flow control. They allow for flow and temperature measurement in parallel and adapt to any situation by a large variety of process connections.


Our pressure sensors really get going under pressure. With long-term stability and precision they convince on the field thanks to multifaceted technologies. 


Our inductive subminiature sensors are everywhere. Small, maneuverable and robust - they make skillful use of even the smallest gaps and efficiently break through the opponent's defenses. 

Our SmartReflect photoelectric sensors are strong and true all-rounders since they operate without error-prone reflectors. They quickly recognize even transparent opponents of any shape or surface. 

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