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Improved uptime for future-proof port cranes and equipment

Learn about new sensor solutions which prevent expensive failures, enable innovative IOT developments and save costs over the entire life cycle.

Bigger container vessels in shorter docking times: still the pressure on crane and hoist equipment is to work 24/7. For more than 60 years Baumer Hübner has been transforming experience in harsh port environments into unmatched robust and durable sensor solutions. Today we offer cutting-edge technology that increases uptime in cranes, hoists, winches and other port equipment whilst boosting IOT developments with intelligent, programmable components. 


Reduce downtime costs at UK ports

How sensors can help port crane operators to improve their equipment reliability

Equipment downtime is the nightmare of every operator of STS cranes, large hoists and winches. The higher the downtime costs, the more worthwhile it is to use high performance solutions. This webinar explains the core technical and economic contribution of HeavyDuty components and gives an outlook for new digitalization (IOT) solutions.

You will learn:

  • How sensor solutions can increase uptime of port equipment
  • When it is necessary to switch to HeavyDuty components
  • Which key features are crucial to extend equipment lifetime and avoid unplanned service
  • The benefits that can be gained by using smart connected encoders 

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