Safe and convenient process control

Today’s machinery and systems are becoming more and more complex. Monitoring and controlling temperature, pressure, flow and conductivity are four of the most important measuring tasks in the process industry. Baumer’s goal is to simplify the increasingly complex production processes by introducing innovative sensors. We have thus developed instruments with a display which are perfectly suited for your needs and enables you to react quickly, whether locally on site or in your control center. Why spend time analyzing demanding processes instead of just having the display indicate when you need to take action? To ensure safe and reliable operation, our CombiSeries is a modular system comprised of:

  • CombiView® display
  • CombiTemp® temperature measurement system
  • CombiPress® pressure transmitter
  • CombiFlow® magnetic inductive flow meter
  • CombiLyz® conductivity and concentration measurement sensor
  • Extremely robust and hygienic housings
  • Different process connections

In addition CombiSeries® with built-in CombiView® display, the CombiView® DFON is available with its own pipe- or wall-mounted housing and can be connected to any sensor with a 4 ... 20 mA output signal. Therefore you can upgrade your sensor with full functionionality of the CombiView® while it is simply loop-powered by the output signal.

Your personal visual alarm system

Having the information of a process out of its bounds in the control room is one thing, the other is standing right in front of the process and finding out whre the criticial area is. Visualisation shouldnt be limited to simply showing measurement values. Therefore the CombiView® display interprets the measured values and visualizes like a traffic light if everithing is under control, close to the allowed extremas or out of the allowed process values. The display provides a clear, eye-catching visualitaion so you immediately know whether you need to take action or not.

Your benefits
  • Hygienic and robust for your piece of mind
    • Compliant to FDA, 3-A, EHEDG, EU 10/2011
    • Robust compact housing IP69K
    • Long lifetime
  • User-friendly for your convenience
    • Big display with touch screen
    • Three color backlight alert signaling
    • Configurable text display
  • Smart and Communicative for easy integration
    • 4…20 mA current loop signaling
    • HART (optional)
    • Two relay outputs (optional)
    • FDT/DTM interface
  • Precise and reliable for high quality production
    • High accuracy
    • High long-term stability
    • Fast response time
    • Configurable ranges

Be your own designer with the CombiView® display
Baumer CombiSeries – Applications

Furthermore, we have several different visual modes available for our CombiView® display. You can choose the interface you like so the information is easy for you to read.

Additional features include:

  • Background color change and flashing
  • Error/alarm indication
  • Two relay outputs
  • Warning message
  • Touch screen programming
  • FlexProgrammer configuration

You can even program the specific messages that you want to be displayed.

The CombiView® is also available as a stand-alone display for all kinds of analog sensors.

The CombiView® display
The visible solution: Fast, easy and safe CombiView®
Baumer CombiSeries – The CombiView® display

Process control and monitoring are becoming ever more complex and demanding. The CombiView® display is designed to ensure an efficient and safe process flow. The required information is available at a glance and easy to read even from a distance.


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