Nov 27, 2015

Transparent detection without compromises with SmartReflect Transparent, the light barrier without a reflector
SmartReflect Transparent – transparent detection without compromises
The O300 and O500 SmartReflect Transparent sensors set new standards in the detection of transparent objects. The light barrier without a reflector is the only sensor in its class to detect transparent objects of any shape or structure up to a distance of 1 meter. Thanks to different versions in plastic, hygienic and washdown designs, they are the ideal solution in all areas of the packaging industry.
SmartReflect was the first light barrier on the market to operate completely without any separate reflector or receiver. The absence of the reflector also reduces the work involved in installation, commissioning, alignment and cleaning by up to 50 percent. Thanks to the enormous freedom of design, the fast installation through qTarget and the easy adjustment of the sensors using the wear-free qTeach procedure, SmartReflect sensors cut operating costs and at the same time offer maximum process reliability.
With the new SmartReflect Transparent variant, Baumer has made the detection of transparent objects even easier and more reliable. The range of up to 1 m without a reflector is unique on the market and allows the monitoring of large conveyor belts. The short response time of 0.25 ms is also unique, allowing the reliable and precise detection of fast-moving objects. The SmartReflect Transparent has three flexibly adjustable sensitivity levels. These allow the sensor to perceive the smallest intensity fluctuations and to detect even highly-transparent films, bowls and bottles of any shape or structure safely and reliably with only one sensor type.
SmartReflect Transparent sensors are at home in the packaging industry for food & beverages and in the pharmaceutical industry as well as for consumer goods at home. They can even be used in places where the installation of a separate reflector or receiver is difficult for the plant manufacturer. Thanks to the hygienic and washdown designs of the housings with protection class IP69K, the sensors are the ideal solution for sensitive areas like the monitoring and positioning of transparent bowls in the entrance tunnels of tray sealing machines, the detection of transparent food packaging on conveyor belts or for controlling the bottle flow in bottling plants.
Besides the fast and easy adjustment of the sensors using the unique, wear-free qTeach procedure, the SmartReflect Transparent also offers the option of automated parameterization in all models using the IO-Link interface. However, IO-Link supports not only the bi-directional transmission of sensor parameters like measuring ranges or switchable distances for fast format changes. The interface also supplies qualified process and diagnostic data for optimized, cost-saving maintenance processes. This means that the IO-Link sensors by Baumer are "Ready for Industry 4.0"

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