Jul 21, 2022

With full sails into the team event

Can a team event on a sailboat go well when (almost) nobody knows anything about sailing? Yes, it can. The Baumer marketing team from Stockach (DE) and Frauenfeld (CH) has now proven this on Lake Constance.

It only took one sailing expert on board to ensure that the sunny trip went off as great fun and ended accident-free in the harbour of Lindau in the evening. Alex Gerstner, Head of Product Marketing at Baumer, is an enthusiastic sailor who knows a lot about wind, weather and sailor's yarn.

Alex had invited the marketing team onto his sailing boat and quickly got the team on course with relaxed explanations and clear instructions. Divided into two teams of 6, he showed everyone how to set sails, hold the tiller, and what to do when there is no wind blowing: you just anchor for a swim stop.

Sailing buddy Markus took care of the other team in the meantime, having refreshing motorboat fun between Lindau and Bregenz. The marketing colleagues rounded off the team event with dinner at an Italian restaurant in front of a fantastic Alpine backdrop. Everyone agreed: You should enjoy the wonderful location at Lake Constance much more often. With or without a boat.
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