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10 GigE cameras for copper cables

LX series (VLXT.I cameras)

  • 0.6 MP – 65 MP
  • Up to 1578 fps
  • Sony Pregius, Sony Pregius S, Gpixel GMAX
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Housing accessories for protection class IP 54, IP 65, IP 67, IP 69 for harsh environments

CX series, LX series

  • IP 65/67 protection thanks to the patented modular tube system with a variable number of extension rings
  • IP 65/67 housing prevents dirt traps caused by stagnant liquids
  • IP 69K housing with a washdown design for use in the splash zone and product contact area
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Powerful image processing

The VLXT cameras with 10 GigE interface for copper cables and the latest CMOS sensors up to 65 MP are the ideal choice for inspection tasks that place strict demands on both the image capture precision and the production throughput. The interface that is compatible with GigE Vision features a high industrial prevalence, cable lengths up to 100 meters, and easy integration without a specific frame grabber, which offers you great application flexibility coupled with flexible and cost-effective system integration. You can flexibly apply the bandwidth of 1.1 GB/s to increase the frame rate or reduce the evaluation time.

Equipped with Sony Pregius, Sony Pregius S, and Gpixel GMAX CMOS sensors, the industrial cameras provide a very high image quality with a great dynamic range and low noise for stable and reliable image evaluation. The resolution of up to 65 megapixels enables you to achieve a high precision with a reduced number of required cameras per application. This reduces system and integration costs while enhancing reliability.

Powerful functions such as sensor Multi ROI, shading correction, and IEEE 1588 allow an increase in the frame rate and relief of the data transmission, the correction of lens and lighting artifacts, as well as precise time synchronization in multi-camera systems. The cameras are equipped with four opto-decoupled power outputs with pulse width modulation and an output performance of up to 120 W (max. 48 V / 2.5 A) for the cost-effective direct control of illumination without an external controller. The flexible activation of liquid lenses allows simple adjustment to varying working distances.

Your benefits
  • Flexible cross-sector solutions for applications
    • Large range of CMOS sensors up to  65 MP 
    • Frame rates of up to 1578 fps
    • High-performance functions such as auto features, IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP), sensor Multi ROI, shading correction, HDR, Burst Mode, 5x5 color calculation
    • 4 power outputs with max. 120 W (max. 48 V / 2.5 A)
    • Exposure time from 1 µs
    • Models with integrated JPEG image compression
    • Models with Canon EF mount
  • Reliably capture the minutest details
    • Resolution up to 65 MP
    • Very high sensitivity
    • HDR (High Dynamic Range)
  • Easy, flexible, and cost-effective integration
    • Interface in line with GigE Vision
    • Operation with single GigE or 10 GigE 
    • Compact 60 × 60 mm housing with all-round M3 mounts
  • Precise image analysis with lasting stability
    • Robust industrial design
    • Models with an extended operating temperature range from -30 °C up to 70 °C
    • Thermally optimized accessories to achieve IP 65 / IP 67 protection class 
  • Increased reliability coupled with reduced system and integration costs 
    • Replace several high-resolution cameras with a single 65 MP camera
  • Short transmission and response times
    • High bandwidth of 1.1 GB/s: 10 times faster than GigE, 35 percent faster than Camera Link Full
  • Precise time synchronization in multi-camera systems
    • Precision Time Protocol acc. to the IEEE 1588 standard
  • Dynamic adjustment to varying working distances and changing lighting conditions 
    • Models with liquid lens support for electronically focused liquid lenses
    • Models with Canon EF mount for the dynamic adjustment of focus and aperture
  • The cost-effective way of illumination control
    • 4 opto-decoupled power outputs with pulse width modulation and an output power of up to 120 W (max. 48 V/2.5 A)



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