Standardised display concept for all technologies

Our CombiView display is a simple display concept for all technologies used in the field of process sensor technology:

The display provides you with process status information at all times. In addition, it is easy to parameterise the sensors and the various display options on the display. The CombiSeries product range thus enables safe and reliable operation.


Configurable visual display of measured values

The CombiView display offers various display options.You can select the display that is best suited to your process or even program your own messages to appear the way you want them to appear for your specific application. The large, easy-to-read digits ensure that the information can be read and understood from a distance.


Status visualisation with background colour

The CombiView display uses a range of background colours (continuously lit or flashing) to signal the status of your process. It works like a traffic light system. The colour display allows you to recognise changes or disruptions in the process immediately, without any time delays.

Straightforward, on-site adjustment

You can parameterise the sensor on site using the intuitive touch display. This display makes it easy to program the sensor and the display even while the system is in operation.

Other special features

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