EtherCAT - Industrial internship at Baumer in cooperation with Furtwangen University
We are dedicated to our technologies - and want to pass on our passion. For this year's industrial internship in cooperation with Furtwangen University, we invited students to our Stockach location. This year, the focus on interfaces in the field of Industry 4.0.
For the time of the internship, the students of  "Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation Technology" get insights into how to put theory into practice, with special focus on EtherCAT being the real-time Ethernet fieldbus. Further to theory, they can work on and with the hardware itself. Using our absolute encoders as an example, they experience EtherCAT and  “live” data processing and system readout. Key for doing so is by code which allows the students to do the programming themselves. This way they learn about programming, integrating and later using technologies.

The practical part is accompanied by a development engineer to answer questions and to support where required. At the end of the day and when having coffee together, the students describe their impressions: "Super exciting to see how innovative Industry 4.0 is. I could experience myself in my hands-on work on encoders."  

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