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Cameras with GigE interface

Cameras with GigE interface

CX series (VCXG.PTP cameras)

  • 1.5 – 12 MP
  • Up to 79 fps
  • Sony Pregius
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Precise time synchronization

The CX cameras with Precision Time Protocol (PTP) according to the IEEE 1588 standard are the ideal choice when several GigE cameras or machine components must operate in Ethernet networks with a uniform time base. They can be synchronized with a precision of 1 microsecond, thus allowing the easy allocation of images and triggers and clear identification of process data. This simplifies and lowers the cost of the system setup and integration. The PTP cameras support a master and slave mode as well as Scheduled Action Commands. This benefits in particular applications in which the images of several cameras must be captured in sync from different perspectives, for example, to generate a precisely composed image of a large object. Thanks to the synchronized frame rate, cameras can capture images simultaneously in multi-camera operation – without the need for additional cables.

Your benefits
  • Precise time stamps in Ethernet networks
    • Precision Time Protocol (PTP) according to the IEEE 1588 standard
  • Precisely assemble the captured images of several cameras
    • Master and slave mode
    • Scheduled Action Commands
    • Precise time stamps
    • Synchronized frame rate
  • Easy implementation of fast or light-intensive applications
    • Models with short exposure times from 1 µs
  • Precise image analysis with long-term stability
    • Industrial design with a temperature range up to 65 °C
    • Opto-decoupled inputs and outputs with voltage levels of automation technology
  • Reliable detection and evaluation of fast processes
    • Up to 1000 images/s with ROI (region of interest)
    • Internal image storage
    • Burst Mode
  • Recording of image sequences with changing camera settings from one image to the next at maximum sensor speed
    • Standard-compliant sequencer
    • Burst Mode and integrated image storage
  • Quick and easy commissioning for Windows, Linux, and ARM-based platforms
    • Standard-compliant with GigE Vision and GenICam
    • Highest compatibility with standard-compliant third party software providers



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