Your benefits
  • Chemical resistance
    • Sensor housings made of polysulfone or stainless steel to resist specific liquids
  • Media recognition
    • Liquid detection by optical light which allows for detection of diverse, even non-conductive liquids
    • In leakage control, just 1 ml leaking fluid suffices to trigger an alarm
  • Easy commissioning
    • No configuration required in sensors with integrated electronics.  Fiber-optic sensors are configured a fiber optics
  • Hazardous environments
    • The intrinsically safe fiber optic variant with PFA coating is suited for huse in hazardous environments
  • Fail-safe behavior
    • The integrated fail-safe behavior will trigger an alarm in the event of leakage, cable break, sensor error or sensor detachment 



Sensor capabilities in chemical resistance open up versatile application fields:

  • Level control of liquids such acetone, acid, lye, mineral oil, milk and any non-conductive fluid
  • Non-contact level detection in (semi-)transparent tubes and ascending pipes
  • Minimum and maximum limit detection in troughs and tanks
  • Leakage control in oil troughs or lubricant tanks
  • Liquid leakage control in dispensers and other liquid handling systems


Technical and Application Reports / White Paper

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