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OXM200 multi-tool  – OXP profile sensor

Multi-tool profile sensors


  • Smart measurement functions and integrated image processing
  • Combination of different measurement values
  • Free configuration of up to 7 measured values in the intuitive web interface
  • Live analysis and monitoring
  • Large selection of interfaces and protocols (PROFINET, OPC UA etc.)
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OXM200 multi-tool  – OXP profile sensor

Profile sensor for image processing


  • Calibrated 2D point cloud
  • Parameterization via web interface or a freely available SDK
  • Integrated encoder input
  • Large selection of interfaces and protocols (PROFINET, OPC UA etc.)
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The OX200 profile sensor family enables efficient profile analysis in virtually unlimited applications. OXP200 profile sensors are the go to products for optimal integration into machine vision systems. Thanks to the freely available SDK (Software Development Kit), the sensor can be individually adapted and easily integrated into virtually any application.

With the smart multi-tool profile sensor OXM200, Baumer offers unrivalled usability. Thanks to the integrated smart measurement functions and the easy to learn web interface, the integration does not require extensive image processing know-how. It can easily be adjust to varying inline or offline inspection tasks.

Your benefits
  • High quality at lower toal cost of ownership (TCO)
    • Thanks to the low investment costs and easy handling of the OXM200 sensors, you can use the sensor in many more applications to improve production quality.
  • Increased Overall Plant Effectiveness (OEE)
    • More control during the production process reduces downtime and rejects
    • Diagnostic data for condition monitoring can be used to improve processes and production
  • More automation
    • Improvement of vision-controlled robots reduces costs as more applications can be solved automatically


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