Impermeable proTect+

Baumer sensors were developed to guarantee outstanding impermeability over their entire service life. While sensors in other impermeability tests are only tested for their water impermeability when new, the proTect+ testing process first simulates the effects of aging on the sensors. After aging, the sensors are subjected to impermeability tests in accordance with the specific IP protection class guidelines in order to guarantee impermeability.

What is proTect+?

proTect+ is an impermeability concept developed by Baumer which ensures the long-term functionality of the sensor even under the most demanding conditions. In order to guarantee the special impermeability of the sensors, great importance is attached to the selection of the right materials as well as the optimisation of the design during development. Extensive stress tests according to the proTect+ guidelines then check the long-term impermeability of the sensors. 
First, the test sensors are subjected to either water temperature or air temperature shock tests to simulate aging effects and thus the life cycle of a sensor in the machine. Each sensor has to go through a total of 50 temperature cycles.  Then the tests in accordance with the IP x8 and IP x9 protection classes are implemented. 

Test series proTect+

To guarantee their absolute impermeability, the sensors are subjected to extensive stress tests. The following tests are carried out on several sensors:

Benefits to you


Product portfolio

Our portfolio of sensors that are impermeable for the long term according to proTect+:


Sensors with proTect+ are particularly suitable for harsh industrial environments, most notably in outdoor, hygienic and washdown applications where the sensors are exposed to repeated cleaning cycles and aggressive chemicals. Once you use them, these sensors will quickly convince you of their reliability and impermeability in challenging applications.


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