Nov 8, 2023

Sales Conference 2023 in Friedberg near Frankfurt - A successful look into the future

The 2023 sales conference of Baumer GmbH - the Baumer Group's sales company for Germany and Austria - took place in Friedberg near Frankfurt in October. As every year, it was a great event that offered sales colleagues an excellent opportunity to look back on the 2022/2023 financial year and prepare for the challenges ahead.

A key aspect of this two-day event was the review of the 2022/2023 financial year. Although the sales team discusses the business figures on a monthly basis, the meeting provided additional transparency and a shared understanding within the team. A deep dive into the Baumer Group's corporate goals and sales strategy provided an outlook on the coming months and upcoming challenges.

Another highlight of the conference was the presentation of the latest developments from the various business areas. In addition to in-depth insights into the product areas, there was an intensive professional exchange that brought our sales colleagues up to date with the latest knowledge in all product segments. Many opportunities for questions and 1:1 knowledge exchange between the product teams rounded off the contributions. Workshops also offered the opportunity to actively contribute and present ideas on various topics.

The conference concluded with a joint dinner (not insignificant for our sales colleagues, as many work in the field and rarely meet on site) and a training session on the upcoming "SPS - Smart Production Solution" trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany. Overall, the sales conference in Friedberg was also an important event in 2023, equipping our sales team for the future. The combination of review, strategic orientation, product presentations, interactive workshops and informal discussions strengthened the team spirit and the determination to be successful together.



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