Jan 20, 2020

Sensors that inspire: All-digital AlphaProx inductive distance sensors nominated for electronics award "Products of the Year 2020»
All-digital inductive distance sensors AlphaProx nominated as «product of the year» by the editorial team of the «Elektronik» magazine.

 Delivering the largest choice of digital secondary data of present-day market, the AlphaProx inductive distance sensors convinced the editorial team of the “Elektronik” magazine. Nominated in the category "Measurement and Sensor Technology", the sensors keep their competitive edge against a great number of measurement technology innovations.


The primary task of the inductive distance sensors is delivering high-precision, micrometer-accurate digital distance values. This is achieved by 0.6 ms cycle time and the high-speed switching frequency of 1,25 kHz. The sensors do not only deliver measuring values extremely fast but at the same time with ultimate reliability and precision. The essential added value is inside the sensors: extensive diagnostic and process data as well as additional parameter options. The multitude of sensor data, such as sensor temperature, operating voltage, operating time, number of boot cycles and switching frequency, are accessed via IO-Link interface and, where required, easily retrieved for further processing by the controller. The histogram function enables evaluation of frequency distribution throughout the collected process and diagnostic data within a defined period of time. Monitoring and analyzing the required data increases plant efficiency and sustainable process optimization.
Further information: www.baumer.com/c/38671 

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