Sep 28, 2022

Students discovery day at Baumer Stockach

Knowing right now what you would like to be? A question that many students ask themselves, we like to help finding the answer.

The Baumer discovery day at the Stockach location offered students the chance to gain first impressions of the professional world. Our teams in production, sales and logistics had worked out interesting tasks to introduce them into everyday working life characterized by innovative technologies and products. In production, the students lent a hand in test setups and this way made own contributions on technical tasks. It was found particularly impressing that such a great number of components makes a sophisticated sensor in the end. Sensor ready to use, ok, but what's next? This was where our sales team came into play by offering interesting insights on selling technical products and what is key in customer communication. Once the sensor has been sold, shipping and logistics are next. A tour throughout the logistics hub, starting at goods receipt on to warehousing, packaging and dispatch, completed the practice insights. The students were stunned and fascinated by Autostore, our innovative robot-supported warehousing system. After work and so many impressions, hunger is a common occurrence. No problem: they had lunch together and exchanged individual experiences. 

We are happy that the Baumer discovery day encouraged the students for internships, vacation jobs or traineeships at Baumer!

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