Feb 19, 2020

New with railway certification: temperature sensors TE2 and TCR6 from Baumer
Temperature sensors TE2 and TCR6
For many decades the sensors of Baumer have been highly regarded in the railway industry for their reliability, precision, and robustness. The company also constantly sets standards with new, even more powerful sensors. The temperature sensors TE2 and TCR6 are the latest addition to the railway portfolio of Baumer. They have now been tested according to the EN50155 standard and therefore approved for all types of railway vehicles. They encompass the entire sector and technology competence of Baumer, which offers customers clear added value – high flexibility, especially when it comes to the selection and configuration of the sensors, coupled with the Baumer measurement accuracy. TE2 and TCR6 offer a precision of +/-0.1K when measuring the temperature of power electronics, diesel engines, or cooling systems. This allows operators to run their locomotives and trains fail-safe with lower diesel and electricity consumption.

Tested according to EN50155

Both sensors are tested according to the important standard EN50155, which regulates the properties of electronic equipment used in railway vehicles. It ensures that the sensors can reliably withstand impacts, vibrations, dirt, and humidity and are resistant to electromagnetic interference. In addition, there is a growing demand in the railway industry to clearly identify each component in a vehicle. Therefore, each sensor from Baumer for railway application features a designation according to the GS1 standard (GIAI serial number and GTIN). This makes it possible to trace when and how a sensor was produced across its entire life cycle. 

Unparalleled flexibility

TE2 and TCR6 are excellent examples of the Baumer claim "Beyond the Standard", as they offer characteristics that go beyond what is normal on the market. One important aspect of this is their flexible configuration options. In addition to the standard design with head transmitter in the the TCR6, the compact TE2 offers a welcome alternative when space is limited. Plus, if the sensor cannot be mounted directly at the measuring point, then a longer measuring tip simplifies the design and customers are free to choose the individual length. What's more, they have a choice of of four (TE2) or five (TCR6) different RTD (resistance temperature detector) elements. Both sensors are also available with a measuring tip for faster reaction times. With the TE2, the correct temperature value is already available after 1.3 seconds – faster than any other comparable sensor on the market. Both variations share the transmitter electronics FlexTop 2212, which has been recently developed by Baumer. The measured values are transmitted via an output with 4 to 20 mA. The users can also order the sensor without a temperature measurement transformer and directly collect the PT100/PT1000 resistance signal.
Extensive railway portfolio
"Baumer is complementing its sensor portfolio for the railway industry with the two temperature sensors TE2 and TCR6," says Peter Grollmann, manager of the business unit Motion Control. The portfolio includes axle encoders for measuring speeds on the wheel axle, liquid level sensors for monitoring tanks, e.g for sanitation (grey water and excrement tanks), pressure sensors such as the PP20R for brake systems, and cooling circuits in traction (converters and transformers), as well as cameras for purposes such as the inspection of contact wires, tracks, and pantographs. For further information, see the brochure "Innovative solutions for the railway industry" or visit Website.

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