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For cramped spaces  – Laser sensors – Line beam

Laser sensors


  • Very small 0.1 mm laser point for highest precision
  • Laser line for perforated objects
  • Safe laser class 1
  • Short response times of < 0.1 ms
  • IO-Link – Industry 4.0 and IoT-ready
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For cramped spaces  – Laser sensors – Line beam

Line beam


  • Up to 100 mm long line
  • Detection of small or perforated objects
  • Laser class 1, PinPoint LED or red light LED
  • Diffuse sensors and SmartReflect photoelectric sensors
  • IO-Link - Industry 4.0 and IIoT ready
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For cramped spaces  – Laser sensors – Line beam

Transparent objects


  • Detection of transparent bowls, PET bottles, foils
  • Plastic or stainless steel housing
  • Short response time of < 0.25 ms
  • SmartReflect light barrier without reflector up to 1 m
  • Retro-reflective sensors up to 7 m
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IP 69K housings


  • Robust stainless steel housing
  • Chemically resistant and Ecolab tested washdown design
  • EHEDG certified, FDA-compliant, Ecolab tested hygienic design
  • Long-term sealing thanks to proTect+
  • SmartReflect versions, the light barrier without reflector
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O300 laser sensors
Precise detection of very small objects and gaps
Miniatursensors – O300 – O300 laser sensors
  • Maximum system performance due to an accurate control of fast processes thanks to response times < 0.1 ms
  • Thanks to the high repeatability, small objects can be positioned very precisely
  • Easy design-in with the aid of 3D models with integrated optical axis
  • Simple, flexible teach-in procedures and an aligned optical axis (qTarget®) enable easy mounting and set-up

The O300 miniature laser sensors with IO-Link are the specialists for the reliable detection of very small objects and gaps. Thanks to a laser beam which focuses to within 0.1 mm and the high repeat accuracy of 0.1 mm, objects can be positioned with high precision and follow-up processes controlled exactly. Thanks to the extremely short response time of less than 0.1 ms, the sensor reliably detects even closely spaced objects, thus allowing fast processes and high throughput rates. A big advantage is the exact alignment of the laser beam to the fixing holes by design (qTarget). Thanks to qTarget, detection with pinpoint accuracy can be guaranteed over the entire series.

The O300 laser product portfolio impresses with its great diversity, offering tailor-made solutions for precise detection tasks. Among the five sensor principles to choose from, SmartReflect, the original light barrier without a reflector, must be highlighted. Even reflecting objects with a size of 0.5 mm can be reliably detected within a sensing distance of 250 mm. Stainless steel variants in a rugged washdown and hygienic design extend the typical applications of the O300 laser sensors for packaging plants in the food and pharmaceutical industries. 

Your Benefits
  • More than 1000 sensor variants to simply solve your application best
    • 4 light sources: standard LED, Baumer PinPoint LED, infrared LED or laser with 0.1 mm precision laser beam
    • Seven sensing principles
    • Plastic or stainless steel sensors in hygiene or washdown design
    • Detection of transparent objects up to one meter without reflector
  • Process safety through enhanced performance reserves
    • Powerful ALINE CMOS Opto-ASIC processors
    • Complex optical measuring technology
    • High MTTF values and intelligent evaluation algorithms
    • Fast response times of < 0.1 ms for dynamic applications
  • Easy implementation and operation
    • Standardized housing in OneBox design
    • qTarget aligned light beam
    • Safe and wear-free qTeach or 1-step teach-in procedure
  • Industry 4.0 and IIoT-ready 
    • IO-Link interface for enhanced configuration options
    • Automated configuration
    • Optimization of processes by means of additional data



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