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Precise laser sensor for detection of very small objects to 0.05 mm

Compact machine designs with limited space, detection of very small objects, narrow gaps, or precise triggering - and at fast clock rates. These are just some of the application areas for the new optical O200 miniature sensors with focused laser light beam. The new laser variants now enable even higher precision in the detection of very small position differences, extremely narrow gaps, as well as small parts such as single wires or very fine threads with a diameter of only 0.05 mm. 

A milliliter makes all the difference – save costs with the precise electromagnetic flow meters from Baumer

Volumetric flow, flow velocity, and temperature measurement – three of the most important variables for efficient process control combined in a single sensor, the electromagnetic flow meter. Baumer is introducing two new product series at once – the compact PF55S for industrial applications and the PF75H/S series. 

Reliable in the long term - non-contact hand detection in automatic sanitizers

Everybody knows them, and right now they are more in use than ever: automatic hand sanitizers. Inside, optical miniature sensors with background suppression from Baumer ensure reliable and safe hand detection at switching distances from 15 to 300 mm, at any angle of incidence and even when the viewing window is soiled. And all this for the entire device lifetime. 

Miniature strain sensors measure large forces even in confined spaces

The miniature-format strain sensors DST20 complement the Baumer portfolio by adding a compact and cost-efficient solution for measuring large forces above 10,000 N even in confined spaces. With their dimensions of 28x12x10 mm, the DST20 miniature strain sensors offer space savings that are unmatched by any other screw-on strain sensor on the market. 

For faster and better programming and configuration – new software for efficient camera integration

Starting immediately, Baumer is offering neoAPI and the Camera Explorer – two new free-of-charge software packages for fast, easy, and efficient camera integration. The software is available for PC- and ARM-based systems under Windows 7, Windows 10, and Linux.

U500 and UR18 ultrasonic sensors from Baumer

Ultrasonic sensors are the all-round talents of sensor technology. They are resistant to soiling and allow the reliable detection of objects regardless of the color and surface finish. When it comes to transparent or high-gloss objects in particular, ultrasonic sensors are superior optical sensors. The new product series U500 and UR18 with IO-Link offer even more.
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