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Hollow shaft up to 1 inch – Hollow shaft 3/8 up to 1 inch - HTL or TTL – Hollow shaft 3/8 up to 1 inch - SinCos – Hollow shaft 3/8 up to 1 inch – programmable – Hollow shaft 3/8 up to 1 inch – ATEX / IECEX certification – Inch dimensions – Incremental – hollow shaft up to 1 inch – Motor feedback incremental – hollow shaft up to 1 inch

Hollow shaft 3/8 up to 1 inch

  • Up to 80 000 ppr
  • Up to 5000 sine periods
  • Through-hollow shaft
  • Isolated against shaft currents
  • Wide range of accessories
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Hollow shaft 17 to 27 mm

Hollow shaft 10 to 27 mm

  • Up to 2048 ppr
  • Blind or through-hollow shaft
  • Precise optical sensing
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Large hollow shaft up to 85 mm – Hollow shaft 30 to 65 mm

Hollow shaft 30 to 65 mm

  • Up to 2048 ppr
  • through-hollow shaft
  • Precise optical sensing
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Hollow shaft 60 to 85 mm

Hollow shaft 60 to 85 mm

  • Up to 2500 ppr
  • Through-hollow shaft
  • Precise opoptical sensing
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Video "Two-minute HS35 motor-mount encoder configuration"

Baumer HS35P motor-mount encoders and encoder software enable users to respond to dozens of possible configuration requirements in under five minutes. Simple programming, saved presets, and simple plug-and-play functionality enable system recovery in under an hour.

Your benefits
  • ShaftLock bearing design
    • The stop inside the flange holding the large ABEC5 bearings in place, together with the steel precision spacer make the bearing pack outstandingly durable towards extreme mechanical load. Further it prevents the shaft from penetrating inside while ensuring maximum precision by minimized radial runout throughout then entire temperature range.
  • High-precision optical sensing technology
    • The extremely high position accuracy of 60 angular seconds  or less is about 5 times better to what most of competitive products cna offer and will significantly improve signal quality and process stability.
  • Durable mechanics
    • The Baumer HS35 in a cast housing with optimum wall thickess is designed to provide maximum torsion resitance and durability.  In any environment and with shocks up to 200 g.
  • Reliably protected against bearing corrosion and excessive encoder temperature
    • The hollow shaft insulation acts as galvanic separator and thermal decoupler.  It reliably eliminates shaft currents, bearing corrosion and wear while at the same time keeping down encoder temperature.
  • Convenient exchange of competitive products
    • With product variant  HS35P resolution, zero pulse and output signals are user-configurable which makes exchanging competitive products an easy thing.
  • Lifetime protection in any environment
    • The unique gasket concept protects against IP67 over a long period of time.
  • Surface finish
    • Powder-coated housing and lid provide efficient and durable protection against corrosion. For reliable long-term operation in rough environments.
  • Shaft adaptors to reduce the shaft diameter
    • Always exatly the shaft diameter you need - thanks to shaft adapters.
  • Broad temperature range
    • Reliable and precise output signals at any temperature within -40 ... +100 °C.
  • Protected against overvoltage, reverse voltage and short circuits
    • The electronics is reliably protected against any connection error which may occur during installation.


Precise position and speed feedback and directly installed onto large drive shafts - e.g. at asynchronous motors in drive technology or in slip ring and pitch control applications at wind turbines.

  • Motor Feedback
    • Customer requirement: "I need an encoder to endure the motor's entire life cycle. And which provides top-grade signals for more precision and efficient control quality ."
    • Our solution: "The new ShaftLock design in conjunction with extremely robust bearings endures high shaft loads while minimizing downtime and maintenance. High-precision signals ensure dynamic operation throughout the motor's full temperature range."
  • Cranes and hoists
    • Customer requirement: "All my cranes are outdoors. High protection rating and outstanding climate capabilities are of vital importance. Corrosion-resitance and a robust mechanical design are decisive criteria. "
    • Our solution: "IP 67 and -40 °C are standard with the HS35 series. The isolated hollow shaft protects against shaft currents. The resilient surface finish and the thick-walled housing is reliable protection against corrosion and mechanical strain."
  • Printing machines
    • Customer requirement: "Our printing machines utilize 400 dpi. The encoder for material feed must be extremely precise. Any non-conformity will be immediately rejected".
    • Our solution: "High-performance optical position sensing with an accuracy of 60 angular seconds or better, together with the high resolution of 8192 ppr ensure maximum performance precision."
  • More fields of application
    • Material Handling
    • Lift and elevators
    • Medical technology
    • Oil and gas
    • Food and beverage
    • Areas with explosion hazard

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