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Subminiature sensors

Subminiature sensors series 04 / 07 / 08

  • Sized 4 mm and up with all-integrated electronics
  • Smallest adjustable optical sensor (series 7)
  • Cylindrical M8 housing
  • Diffuse sensors up to 80 mm
  • Through-beam sensor up to 2.5 m
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Small laser contrast sensors

Miniature sensors

  • Size 10 and 12 mm
  • Cylindrical M12 housing
  • LED and laser versions
  • Point and line beam shape
  • Diffuse sensors up to 200 mm
  • Through-beam sensor up to 10 m
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For cramped spaces  – Laser sensors – Line beam

O300 series with extra power


  • size 12,9 mm
  • Sensors with extra power in plastic or stainless steel housing
  • Laser, red light and infrared LED with qTarget
  • Point and line versions
  • Retro-reflective light barriers up to 300 mm
  • Through-beam sensors up to 75 m
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Miniature sensors series OT300

  • Miniaturized housing with 12.9 x 32.3 x 23 mm
  • Extended measurement range up to 1.8 m
  • Distance measuring version 0-10 V DC, background suppressor or SmartReflect – light barrier without reflector
  • IO-Link interface
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Fiber optic sensors

  • Large selection of sensing heads
  • Plastic and glass fiber optics
  • Fiber optic amplifiers in different versions
  • Detecting filling levels or leaks
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  • Robotics
    • Detect part presence or distance to part between gripper fingers in open and close condition
  • Feeding technology
    • Filling level monitoring in the parts hopper  
    • Buffer zone monitoring  
    • Separation
    • Presence detection of small parts through smallest holes or gaps (keyholes)
  • Packaging
    • Presence detection of transparent objects
  • Intralogisitk
    • Fine positioning of transport robots
  • Semicon & Electronics
    • Presence detection of black, shiny objects even in extreme ambient light

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