Mar 14, 2019

Baumer pressure sensor PP20H at the forefront: The editorial team of Elektronik magazine nominated 111 top products in 11 categories for the 21st reader's choice "Products of the year 2019". In the sensors category, the hygienic pressure sensor of the PP20H family impressed the jury of experts of its advantages in demanding hygienic applications: stainless steel housing with IP69K protection class and a condensate-proof silicon measuring cell. The readers of the magazine Elektronik are also impressed and voted the pressure sensor PP20H on the winner's podium – proud third place in the category "Sensors".
The PP20H pressure sensor more than lives up to this special award.
The sensor has a robust, IP69K-rated stainless steel housing which is designed to handle a variety of applications, and is equipped with a condensate-proof silicon measuring cell. Its scaled pressure range from -1 to 40 bar and wide range of process connections make it extremely versatile. It is available with 4 ... 20 mA signal and IO-Link. It complies with the strict hygiene requirements in the food and pharmaceutical industries and is CIP and SIP-capable.
Christina Frick (product marketing) and Daniel Schmid (product management) (right) received the award from Elektronik magazine.
Thanks to the hermetically-sealed measuring element, the measuring cell is completely insensitive to condensate, even with extreme temperature fluctuations in damp environments. Together with its excellent temperature and long-term stability and high accuracy, the sensor guarantees demanding hygienic processes are monitored, controlled and regulated safely.
This compact pressure sensor covers the wide media temperature range from -20°C to 125°C without requiring a cooling line, providing space-savings in installation. Additionally, a variety of applications can be covered by just one sensor model. This saves on storage and reduces costs.
Several sensors can be simultaneously configured via IO-Link. This simplifies switching point adjustment for different process stages at start-up or batch changes and saves time. Diagnostic data can be instantly called up and evaluated, which increases system availability.

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