Nov 26, 2018

Baumer sensors with IO-Link: more functions, more performance
Baumer sensors with IO-Link: more functions, more performance

To count, measure, detect – the tasks of Baumer sensors in machinery and installations are very clear. But there is much more to the small power packs. Many Baumer sensors feature IO-Link, a fast communication interface that besides measured values transmits a great bunch of additional information - in both communication directions. Sensors with IO-Link connectivity communicate with a master addressing up to eight sensors. The stored master parameter data can thus be distributed to several individual sensors. This allows for much more precise sensor adjustment in the application, which is a special benefit where processing different objects on a machine. Another advantage: The deployed sensor can switch functionality, for example an inductive sensor can be used as frequency meter or counter. IO-Link is therefore indispensable in digitization and a must-have for Industry 4.0 and IIoT.

Some users are still unaware about the many IO-Link benefits. IO-Link is the sensor’s "nerve pathway", for example to report on signal quality or any temperature limit being exceeded. Such diagnostic data are important for predictive maintenance. Simultaneous transmission of different process data is useful as well: The Baumer optical sensors of the O300 series with IO-Link deliver both switching signal and distance information. And in the event of replacement, the sensor identification data provide information on sensor type, serial number and application.

IO-Link sensors are also available at competitors. But the high-performant interface is only half the story, if the sensor is not able to fully exploit the powerful functionality. Baumer sensors are different: The sensor technology leader makes sure users benefit from comprehensive sensor interaction with true added value in everyday operation. Baumer goes beyond what’s standard on the market - true to the motto: Beyond the Standard.

At SPS IPC Drives from November 27 to 29 in Nuremberg, Baumer is presenting their IO-Link sensors with added value and user benefit in hall 4A, booth 335.

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