Nov 20, 2018

New ultrasonic sensors from Baumer outperform with robust housings and IO-Link
With the new product families U500 and UR18, Baumer presents extremely robust ultrasonic sensors for every situation, which offer flexible parameterization with IO-Link.

Quality meets economy – with the new product families U500 and UR18 Baumer sets the highest standards in ultrasonic sensor technology. The sensors for distance measurement and object detection are characterized by a particularly robust design. Hermetically sealed sensor elements ensure high resistance, withstanding even extreme mechanical influences without damage. The sensors sealed with PEEK films easily withstand even the toughest conditions, such as the IP 69 impermeability test.

Flexible and application-specific sensor adjustment

The new Baumer IO-Link enabled ultrasonic sensors can be parameterized flexibly to your application via an intuitive user interface. For example, the width of the sonic beam angle can be adjusted quickly and easily depending on the container opening and filling medium. IO-Link offers further added value, such as the acquisition and evaluation of additional data for predictive maintenance or parameter server functions. Independently of this, the new product families still have the option of making individual settings directly on the sensor via qTeach (non-contact with ferromagnetic tool). 

The range of functions is identical in two available designs – cubic and cylindrical. The sensor principles such as proximity switches are also available as 1- or 2-point switches, retro-reflective, through beam or distance measuring sensors for both types.

The new ultrasonic sensors measure through a short blind range of 70 mm almost to the sensor surface, with a range of 1000 mm. They replace previous U500 and UR18 Baumer product families.

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