May 31, 2023

Baumer provides future-forward solutions for the aerospace industry with OXM200 Smart Profile sensors

A new era of precision, efficiency and automation with Baumer’s Smart Profile sensors
OXM200 with ease of use Baumer Sensor Suite (software and filed bus support).

The introduction of OXM200 Smart Profile sensors helped customers in the aerospace industry reduce downtime, ensure safety, improve product quality and deliver lower production costs in the long run.

In 2019, with the objective of improving Malaysia’s aerospace industry by reducing reliance on manual measuring, Baumer Malaysia Office approached and work with Stake holders in the Aerospace Industry to automate a manufacturing facility in Malaysia.
Thanks to the replacement of manual testing task with the smart profile sensor OXM from Baumer, the aerospace industry was able to reduce downtime significantly, ensure safety, improve product quality and deliver lower production costs in the long run.

The future-forward OXM200 Smart Profile sensor was featured in the quality control procedure for inboard flaps for the modern aircraft. An inboard flap is typically located along the trailing edge of an aircraft wings and helps secure greater lift during take-off and landing. Precise measurement is required on these flaps to ensure the safety of the aircraft while doing so.

Future-proofing operations

This installation represents the first semi-auto assembly station in an end-user factory based in Malaysia. While the process of loading and unloading is still largely handled manually and largely labor-intensive, Baumer’s new smart profile sensors have significantly
reduced the need for manual measurement. Rather, time is saved, and efficiency is improved as the measured value from profile sensors are sent directly to the PLC via IO-Link Master hub with Ethernet/IP connection. The measured values for each part are then displayed at the assembly station, awaiting confirmation that the measurement values are in the range of required tolerance. Only upon confirmation will the next process

This is especially critical as the measurement of various parts such as gap difference, position of pintle, diameter check of shaft play a key role in ensuring the safety of the aircraft. Precision is required here, with accuracy of up to 500-micron tolerance. This stringent requirement is easily achieved by Baumer’s sensor technology.

A competitive solution

The OX range of smart profile sensors features compact, easy to use, and flexible measurement 2-D multitool profile measuring devices that are ideal for automated
inline checks within production processes. With the integrated high-performance functions, the smart profile sensors are suited to perform a range of measurement functions including “Profile Matcher”. In particular, the OXM200 smart profile sensor is able to parameterize and complete an onboard measurement task within minutes. A single power-over-ethernet
cable connects the sensor to the PC, where the data can be accessed easily through the IP address, and the data collected is at your fingertips within minutes. With the OXM200 smart profile sensor’s Ethernet ability, cabling is a tidy and easy process, which makes it ideal
for mounting on a robot arm or similar application. Retaining full control and transparency of each project is essential – the OXM200 smart profile sensor empowers the user by enabling them to see what the sensor sees and react accordingly. Get ahead of challenging situations and tackle them right from the start with OXM200 smart profile sensors.

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