Product portfolio

Miniature sensors

  • Compact sensor with 12.9 x 23 x 32.2 mm
  • Enhanced functions, such as sonic cone adjustment, moving-average filter, or disruption filter
  • Best-in-class blind zone of 15 mm
  • Sensing distances up to 500 mm
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Sensors with narrow sonic beam

  • Ideal for distance measurement through narrow openings
  • Resolution up to 0.1 mm
  • Measuring ranges up to 150 mm
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Robust ultrasonic sensors with flexible parameterization

Robust ultrasonic sensors with flexible parameterization

  • Extremely resistant sealed sensor element
  • Very short blind range of 20 mm
  • Application-specific parameterization and additional data due to IO-Link
  • Analog measurement signal as well as switching signal
  • Measuring ranges up to 1500 mm
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  • The suitable connection option for every sensor
  • From standard to special cable solutions
  • Cable and IO-Link master for easy sensor connection
  • Connectivity in the field, control cabinet, wireless or for USB
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Baumer Sensor Suite

  • Evaluation, parameterization and use of smart sensor solutions with IO-Link
  • Understanding and exploiting the full potential of IO-Link devices
  • Visualization of functions from different sensor manufacturers
  • Easy-to-use PC software with clear design and helpful additional information
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IO-Link technology

Benefit from the data provided by present-day intelligent sensors to enhance process transparency, to improve efficiency and to cut down on costs. Find out here how IO Link will be of help.

Reliable, high-performance ultrasonic sensors with integrated setting and filter options

Your benefit
  • Flexible parameter adjustment of the sensor to the object and the application
    • Targeted adjustment of the sonic beam width - narrow sonic beam for small openings and wide sonic beam for the detection of uneven objects
  • Stable measurement results through adjustable filter functions
    • Filtering the data enables the optimum compromise between speed and stability of the measurement signal - no filtering to detect fast objects and strong filtering for small, irregularly shaped objects
  • Individual adjustment of sensor properties
    • Activating or deactivating the teach-in command to prevent changes in the machine in the field or activating/deactivating the LEDs to avoid unwanted signals during machine operation
  • Reliable measurement results even with sensors that are operated in close proximity to each other
    • Configuration of the output signal behaviour or pin 5 to activate the synchronization function
  • Time saving during teaching
    • The teach-by-value function enables the central setting of the switching window or analog signal curve without the objects having to be placed in front of the sensor or the machine having to be put into operation
  • Using additional data effectively
    • IO-Link offers the acquisition of additional data such as distance signals received with a switching sensor and transmitted as digital values for error- and offset-free measurements or also object counting to assess the efficiency of the machine
  • Predictive maintenance
    • Capture advanced values such as signal strength, temperature or histograms to enable predictive maintenance and avoid downtime
  • Fast sensor exchange
    • Parameter server functions enable simple and fast sensor exchange and duplication of parameter data


Flexible parameterization

Technical and Application Reports / White Paper

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