Nov 2, 2023

Baumer Bubble Sensor PAD20 wins International FoodTec Award 2024
Image: PAD20 bubble sensor receiving the International FoodTec Award 2024 underlines the high innovation level of the novel analysis sensor. Illustration: Baumer

The unique PAD20 bubble sensor for air and gas bubble detection receives another innovation award. After winning the Dairy Technology Award 2021, the analysis sensor now convinced the expert jury granting the International FoodTec Award 2024 of the German Agricultural Society (DLG). What's so special about the PAD20? It is capable of detecting even tiniest gas bubbles in liquids, thus maximizing resource efficiency, food safety and overall equipment effectiveness. To customers, PAD20 creates measurable added value by…

  • ... minimizing food waste (containers are being fully emptied).
  • ...preventing downtime (pump malfunction caused by gas inclusions).
  • ...quick and reliable detection of any foreign air contaminating the process medium.

The International FoodTec Award granted by the DLG and expert partners recognizes groundbreaking developments in terms of innovation, sustainability and efficiency in food technology. An international jury composed of research and teaching experts as well as representatives from the field nominate the most innovative concepts. Awarded every three years, the winners receive the prize in the form of gold or silver medals. In 2024, 4 gold and 10 silver medals are going to be awarded. Gold medals recognize products and services of innovative technological conception creating new processes or significantly improving existing processes. Silver medals go to existing products that have been enhanced in such a way that their advanced technology allows for significant improvements of current functionalities or processes. PAD20 bubble sensor has been awarded the silver medal. The advanced development of a Baumer analysis sensor fully exploits the performance of integrated electronics in combination with smart algorithms. Baumer has developed the sensor in the first place for an important dairy company where PAD20 solved their decades-old problem of containers not being fully emptied.

But, the capabilities of the Baumer PAD20 bubble sensor are not limited to the food industry. Reliable detection of gas bubbles optimizes the energy efficiency of cooling and heating systems in industrial applications or will protect pumps from running dry.

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