Jan 28, 2019

The outstanding performance of the CX.I cameras convinced the expert panel of the inspect award 2019 as well as the participants of the online poll.

The awards certificates are ready; the glass trophies are lined up waiting for their new owners. There is suspense in the air at the booth of Wiley-VCH publishers at VISION 2018 in Stuttgart, anticipating the announcement of the inspect award 2019 winners. Amongst the products nominated for the coveted award: the CX.I cameras. To reach this stage, Baumer had to overcome several hurdles. First: convince the expert panel that the CX.I cameras with their increased performance should be chosen for the shortlist of the 10 best products from the large number of entries.. Second: convince the readers of the inspect and messtec drives Automation magazines and demonstrate that these cameras represent the most innovative development. After the third and second prize had been awarded, it was clear that this last hurdle had also been overcome. And the winner is ... Baumer. The CX.I cameras are named the winner in the Vision category.

For Torsten Wehner, product manager at the Baumer Vision Competence Center, it is obvious why the cameras were voted into the winner’s circle by the reader voting: “We did listen to our customers; we did analyze the market and have packed all the features into the cameras that are really needed”. 

Nicole Marofsky and Torsten Wehner of the Baumer Vision Competence Center (left) were awarded the prize from Anke Grytzka-Weinhold and Dr. Heiko Baumgartner of Wiley-VCH publishers (right).

How did Baumer CX.I cameras outperform the other products? The expanded operating temperature range from -40 °C to 70 °C, renders additional cooling or heating devices unnecessary and allows rapid and cost-effective system integration. The 4 power outputs with pulse width modulation and an output power of up to 120 W (max. 48 V / 2.5 A) are a direct result of listening to our customers. Thanks to direct lighting control, additional components are not required. The performance package is rounded out by exposure times from 1 µs, frame rates of up to 1000 fps and a patented modular tube system that allows protecting lenses of different lengths from dust and dirt quickly and flexibly using a variable umber of extension rings. Specially developed housing accessories transform the CX.I cameras into IP 65/67 or IP 69K cameras in no time at all for use in hygienic areas in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. “It is the overall package that counts and which allows to deploy the cameras across industries flexibly and even in demanding applications”, summarizes Torsten Wehner.

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