Baumer strain sensors enable cost-effective force measurement for nearly all application areas. Regardless of whether for limited spaces, in robust outdoor applications, or in the industrial sector, we always offer you the right solution for measuring large forces in ongoing processes.

Industrial indoor applications

With the industrial strain sensors DST53/76 and the DST20, precise force measurements can be implemented without complex component adaptations. The sensors are easy to integrate into the machine and therefore quickly deliver meaningful measurement results for applications such as retention force control, process monitoring, or sheet metal thickness measurement. Thanks to its miniaturized design, the DST20 allows the measurement of large forces even in limited spaces.

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Rough outdoor applications

The robust strain sensor DST55R is especially suited for outdoor industrial applications such as, for example, vibration dampening for mobile automation. Thanks to its robust design and tested long-term leak tightness according to proTect+, the sensor guarantees reliable continuous operation under extreme conditions.

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Digital accessory functions

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