Dec 21, 2020

#1 From colleague to colleague – insights into the Baumer world
Elena, Application Manager SharePoint, is giving insights in her daily work and challenges and the chance of shaping the Baumer world:
Application Manager SharePoint – what exactly is behind your role?
Currently, at Baumer we are about to introduce Microsoft365 and at the same time to establish OneBaumer, our new intranet platform based on SharePoint. I am responsible for both operation and administration of the existing and the future platform. I have to ensure system stability and error-free operation.

Some of my major tasks is the implementation of customer requirements and studying the technical feasibility as well as the implementation of new applications using the Powershell programming language. I work closely with the Management and IT. Furthermore I give employee support answering the queries received via our ticketing system.

Why are the SharePoint applications so important for Baumer?

With our new Intranet based on SharePoint we want to ease the daily work of our employees  worldwide for IT-supported, close and smooth collaboration between people and teams across borders and locations.

We use SharePoint to digitize business processes in different divisions - from Marketing to HR on to IT . We provide virtual rooms for topic-related collaboration and projects to enable quick information access and simplified document management, so that users can fully concentrate on their work instead of their organization.

The new SharePoint version with its extremely varied enhanced functionalities and interfaces provides so many IT options that make cross-company collaboration easy and accessible to our employees.  Cloud migration plays a vital role here and opens up even more opportunities.

How much room is left for you to bring in own ideas?

Under technical aspects and regarding implementation of new SharePoint applications I have plenty of freedom.  Where standard functions won’t do for the user requirements  I develop them further  - there are virtually no limits. As long as I stick to the SharePoint architecture and the Baumer guidelines for targeted implementation I have free reign.

My suggestions for implementation and realization of new structures and designs are almost always accepted, giving me the feeling that my work is very much appreciated.

Furthermore, another part of my work is elaborating on concepts for migration, for example in view of authorization structures. I am involved in all SharePoint-related decisions and can bring in my ideas in a proactive manner. This way I am given the chance to shape the future customized SharePoint design and the use at Baumer. I think being given that amount of freedom is a great thing.

What are the challenges you have to master?
New IT systems must obtain broad user acceptance, both in design and introduction. They are expected to meet all individual requirements and anticipations, which is really challenging. Not every requirement can be taken one-to-one. However, detailed explanations that are easily understood on technical feasibility and prerequisites as well as open support answer nearly every question satisfactorily which helps dealing with application requirements.

What do you think is especially fascinating about your work?

I love my job – so far, every project has been exciting and different by posing new challenges. Therefore again and again I am required to bring in new ideas. Multi-faceted work is an important point and the reason why I enjoy it so much.

I am very satisfied when a user requirement has been successfully implemented, when I see my work is highly appreciated and the application will simplify the user’s daily job – and this way my work has been brought to life.

Furthermore, the close exchange with the management makes me see things from different angles, without looking through IT-tinted glasses for new approaches to make both individual users and entire teams benefit from and to foster global cooperation. Continuous exchange with the Management is giving me the chance to grow beyond myself. Without the flat hierarchies at Baumer this hardly would be possible.

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