Apr 22, 2021

Inductive miniature sensor with 3 mm measurement range
Small and powerful: the new inductive miniature sensors IF08 not only fit where space is a constraint but even offer a wide selection of integrated setting options to optimally match diverse application requirements.

A single sensor to very reliably solve diversified application requirements by virtue of integrated setting options

The Baumer inductive distance sensor family IF08 now extended by small cubic designs in stainless steel housings with a yet large measurement range up to 3 mm and setting options via IO Link interface is outstanding and unique on the market. This way, the sensors provide double benefit: First, thanks to their small size of merely 24.6 x 8.8 x 7.8 mm they even fit where installation space is tight or mounting options are particularly limited. Secondly, the sensors solve applications even more reliably since they can be optimally adapted to the prevailing requirements. 

There is a wide choice of configurable parameters: switching points or switching thresholds related to distance, measuring range, output logic, switching hysteresis, measured value filters or switch-on respectively switch-off delay. The measuring range parameter, for example, offers a selection of 5 different default measured value filters, from "high speed" to "high accuracy". This allows the user to choose between digital measured values or precision measurements down to the micrometer range for the application. One and the same sensor will reliably meet both application requirements, it's only a question of targeted parameterization. This not only reflects in limited sensor variants but also in improved flexibility in machine and system conception.

Performance in compact design

The IO Link variant of the new inductive sensors with high-resolution up to 5 micrometer allows for extremely precise measurements, as for example very minor position changes. The extended measurement range up to 3 mm and the linearized characteristic curve add on machine design flexibility and hence on sensor integration freedom. Besides the variant with IO-Link interface, the miniaturized inductive sensor IF08 is also available as measuring sensor with voltage output. 

Comprehensive diagnostic and process data such as sensor temperature, operating time and supply, the number of boot cycles and switching frequency are accessible via IO-Link interface. Monitoring and analyzing the relevant data improves plant efficiency and allows for sustainable process optimization.

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