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EN580C in factory automation application (conveyor belt)

The innovative fieldbus encoder for factory automation

EN580C – Enhanced performance, efficient integration, future-proof
  • Accuracy of 0.01° for enhanced performance
  • Efficient integration thanks to flexible cabling
  • Convenient parameterization via fieldbus
  • Future-proof technology platform
  • Fast availability

EN580C – Multiturn fieldbus encoder with bus cover

The EN580C fieldbus encoder boosts your factory automation: Its high performance, efficient integration and long-term availability ensure that your machines are future-proof. The industrial encoder has an extremely high precision of 0.01° and enables convenient parametrization via Profibus or CANopen fieldbus. This makes the EN580C encoders ideal for demanding positioning tasks in a wide range of factory automation applications.

The design of the encoders using a bus cover ensures flexible cabling directly on site. This ensures efficient integration and reduces costs. Simple commissioning of the devices is supported by existing address switches for setting the node ID and baud rate.

EN580C fieldbus industry absolute encoder
  • Angular position precise to 0.01

  • Convenient parametrization with Profibus or CANopen

  • Flexible cabling with self-assembled cable or M12 plug

  • Shaft, blind or through hollow shaft

Absolute industrial encoder with modular bus cover EN580C

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