Your benefits
  • Highest system performance
    • Precise control of fast processes due to response times < 0.1 ms
  • High process reliability thanks to precise object recognition
    • Focused 0.1 mm laser point for the detection of smallest objects or position differences down to tenths of a millimeter 
    • Fine, long laser line for perforated or interrupted objects 
  • Increase of product and process quality
    • The high repeatability allows very precise positioning of small objects
  • Food safety
    • Durable and persistent washdown design with IP 69K protection and Ecolab certification. 
    • 100% gap-free, EHEDG-compliant hygienic design prevents bacterial deposits
  • Higher reliability and durability of the sensors
    • Thanks to proTect+ impermeability concept by Baumer , conceived construction and high-quality materials
  • Cost and effort reduction in engineering
    • 3D models with integrated optical axis for fast design-in
  • Highest flexibility thanks to simple customization to the respective application
    • Simple sensor parameterization thanks to flexible and wear-free teaching methods (qTeach, IO-Link). 
    • No readjustment due to the aligned optical axis (qTarget)
  • IIoT ready for industry 4.0
    • IO-Link interface for extended configuration options, automated parameterization
    • Optimization of processes using additional data such as a distance value




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