Dec 9, 2020

My first 90 days with Baumer as a Senior Software Engineer for Windows applications
Andreas talks about his start at Baumer and the first time as a new employee:

What was the starting phase like? 

Together with fellow newcomers I got to know Baumer and important basic corporate topics such as quality or lean management. Then I was introduced to my team. 
Since my office is located in Böblingen whereas the majority of the team works in Stockach, I spent the first week in Stockach to get to know everyone and to make first contacts. Being introduced into the various subjects by the related responsible colleagues was helpful in getting to know the team and created the basis for a fluent cross-location collaboration.

What was the introduction into technical contents like?

First, my team leader introduced me to software, modules, functionalities and architecture as well as the engineering environment. This allowed me quick orientation and grasping what my first tasks will be like. My colleagues took their time to give me a closer look at specific software subjects. Also colleagues from other teams were involved, e.g. firmware engineers who explained me the hardware-connected interfaces. Thanks to this all-round support I was quickly familiar with my working environment.  Yet I had sufficient time to get to grips with software and code analysis.

What was your first project like?

Together with the software architect in my team I did a major code refactoring in the software backend. The goal was to significantly improve the application performance at the point of sensor hardware connect and disconnect. After two weeks of intensive work, the code was cleaner, easier to test and better to handle for future modifications. There was more software stability, any status change of the connected sensors was immediately indicated and the software reaction was more consistent.  
Being allowed to assume responsibility for a task right from the start and being given the chance to make a significant contribution to overall software optimization and usability was a strong motivation.
I very much appreciated that my ideas and input were actively requested. Collaboration and exchange with my colleagues has been on equal terms right from the start.

What was your first highlight?

In the first month I elaborated on a level sensor plug-in including several pages of sensor configuration and charts for live display and sensor data adjustment. This plug-in is to extend the standard software functionality by special features to simplify sensor parameterization and monitoring.

Building understanding of the sensor's special features and the resulting requirements for software integration was quite a challenge to me. Since detailed questions also required cross-border and team collaboration, I gained more profound insight into the Baumer product world.

The positive feedback and high appreciation of the product manager about the improved sensor presentation towards customers as well as the added value and user benefit provided made this first task a highlight. The confidence in my abilities, that I had been given right from the beginning, was even more motivation on top.​​​​​​​

What helped you arrive quickly?

Learning-on-the-job while being presented the contents in parallel from the second day on was incredibly helpful. I really appreciate this hands-on approach. Exchange in Daily Stand-Ups under aspects of agile development made me quickly finding my way in current topics.

I encounter a culture that is open for discussions and suggestions for improvement with a high willingness to look at things differently. This way you can bring in your own ideas and work together as a team in order to achieve the defined objectives quickly and efficiently. I very much appreciate the strong emphasis placed on experience and know-how exchange. Agile mindset is not only a goal but lived through and through.

What is your conclusion after 90 days with Baumer?

Being presented the chance of contributing on a new software design in a strategic project, using cutting-edge development processes and tools, hands-on trainings and the open welcome full of support I was given by my team leave me very positive after 90 days.

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