Your benefits
  • Cost-efficient controller integration
    • Easy evaluation thanks to linear characteristic output curve
    • No individual correction polynomials required for calculation (default calibration)
    • Individually configurable thresholds  as digital values (Window- teach)
  • High process quality
    • Negligible production lot variations enable exact positioning
    • Low temperature drift and excellent EMC properties
  • Eased machine design
    • Versions in various designs and with different output signals, connection technology and measuring range
    • Negligible production lot variations allow larger production tolerances
  • Easy-to-replace and perfect for mass production
    • 1-point teach (resetting) instead of mechanical fine tuning with spacers
    • Sensor replacement without controller reconfiguration thanks to default calibration
    • Teachable measuring range enable automated format alignments



Unlike standard AlphaProx sensors, linearized AlphaProx-sensors are equipped with a micro-controller procesing the measuring signal to output a  corresponding distance-proportional analog signal. In addition, every sensor is calibrated in the factory with internal backup of the individual correction values and temperature drift. During operation, slightly non-linear characteristics as well as impacts by temperature fluctuations are compensated in real time. Linearized AlphaProx-sensors therefore stand out by excellent linearity, negligible production lot variations and minimized temperature drift.
Furthermore,  the characteristic output curve allows for application-specific adaptarions thanks to different teaching functions, which simplifies installation and improves the measured result. For example, 1-point teaching (offset compensation) can be used for sensor reset to eliminate installation tolerances. Together with the capabilities of low production lot variations, the sensor is quickly exchanged withoug mechanical finetuning and in parallel  cost-efficient installation of numerous sensors in mass production. Some sensor variants also feature 2-point teaching for conveinent configuration of the measuring sensitivity or an additional digital output with configurable thresholds.

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