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Cameras with Camera Link interface

LX series (LXC cameras)

  • 2 – 48 MP
  • Up to 337 fps
  • ON Semiconductor PYTHON, ams CMV
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High-speed image processing

For high-speed image processing, the robust and powerful LXC cameras that are compatible with Camera Link offer transmission rates of up to 650 MB/s, coupled with high image quality and frame rates with a low CPU load. The camera integration via GenCP protocol offers you simple and convenient parameterization via GenICam – without any complicated register programming.

The industrial cameras offer various monitoring options for reliable operation with high system stability. The checksum calculation via the image files allows you to detect transmission errors that can be validated on the PC or in the frame grabber, even during ongoing operation. The data integrity check primarily benefits applications with long cable lengths – up to 15 meters have been successfully tested with the LXC cameras. To conveniently check the camera status, simply use the transmission of events and status information such as the image sequence number or timestamp for every image.

Equipped with global shutter CMOS sensors ON Semiconductor PYTHON, and ams CMV, the LXC cameras are distinguished by very high sensitivity and excellent image quality up to 48 megapixels. This is the ideal basis for the precise and reliable detection of the smallest details even in applications with a high production throughput. For the correction of pixels in the vertical direction, the LXC cameras integrate an improved FPNC (Fixed Pattern Noise Correction) to create very homogenous images. This facilitates image evaluation and saves time in algorithm development.

Your benefits
  • Reliably capture the minutest details
    • Resolution up to 48 MP
    • Very high sensitivity
    • HDR (High Dynamic Range)
  • Simple system integration
    • Interface compatible with Camera Link
    • Configuration via GenCP protocol
    • Parameterization via GenICam
    • Compact 60 × 60 mm housing with all-round M3 mounts
    • Modular lens mount for M58, M42, F-mount, or C-mount
    • PoCL (Power over Camera Link), Multi I/O
  • Increase the production throughput for high-speed processes
    • Burst Mode, Multi ROI, and sequencer
  • Increased reliability coupled with reduced system and integration costs 
    • Replace several high-resolution cameras with a single 48 MP camera
    • PoCL (Power over Camera Link)
  • Quickly develop algorithms
    • Improved FPNC for correction of pixels in the vertical direction
  • Ensure system stability and monitor the camera status
    • Ensure the data integrity via checksum calculation
    • Transmission of events and status information such as the image sequence number or timestamp for every image



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