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Evaluate and configure Baumer cameras quickly and intuitively

With the easy to use graphical user interface you can evaluate and configure our cameras in no time. The GUI guides you through the extensive features of Baumer cameras, to test and to configure them for your application.

Thanks to the flexible, customizable interface, the Baumer Camera Explorer can be used for many different applications such as camera configuration, process monitoring or recording and documentation tasks. The support of cameras in the field benefits from this as well as laboratory workstations.



  • Clear configuration of connected cameras
  • Camera features under full control with the “feature-tree”
  • Clear and well-structured views for features like auto brightness, auto white-balance, color calculation and correction
  • Image diagnosis of your camera with the histogram and profile diagram available
  • Simple recording of videos and image series on hard disk or memory
  • Adaptable user interface to configure the Camera Explorer for your application
  • Monitor with multiple cameras and arrange the views on one or more screens
  • Get to know and evaluate polarizing cameras and their calculated images

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