The Baumer Camera Link SDK

Baumer LXC cameras operate on the Generic Control Protocol (GenCP) for convenient configuration and minimized integration time in application setup. When supported by the frame grabber provider, no additional Baumer software is required. Whether your frame grabber supports GenCP is seen on the compliant list in the member area on our website.

Where GenCP is not supported you may use Baumer Camera Link SDK for configuration and evaluation of LXC cameras. It includes a configuration tool for easy camera function testing, configuration and extended functions such as events. This allows for quick evaluation of even complex functions. GenICam reference implementation serves camera integration by providing individual, LXC functionality-specific examples such as how to apply the checksum.

Easy configuration of previous Camera Link models of the SX and HX series is possible via the Baumer GAPI SDK v1.7.1.

Latest version
  • Baumer Camera Link SDK v2.0

Technical and Application Reports / White Paper

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