VeriSens Application Suite
One configuration software to fit all VeriSens Vision Sensors

The VeriSens Application Suite is the intuitive configuration software for VeriSens vision sensors, which makes it quick and simple for even new users to implement image processing tasks. Starting with the creation of test tasks through to the management of jobs, the program will take you through just a few steps to reach your goal.

Cost free – carry out test tasks offline
The Application Suite offers an offline mode (product simulators for every device), which you can use to fully simulate VeriSens vision sensors. If no equipment is available, a conventional digital camera or smartphone as image source will suffice to create application images and then evaluate them with the help of the software. You can get to know VeriSens without spending one red cent.

VeriSens web interface – configurable user interface for operation
A configurable human-machine interface is already integrated for customers who want to configure VeriSens also during the production process. It is the first user interface of a vision sensor that can be adapted regarding functional range, user groups and design with just a few clicks, saving users standard programming work. The VeriSens web interface runs in standard web browsers and does not require any plug-ins.

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