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Chemically robust ultrasonic sensors  – Miniature M12 sensors – chemically robust                         – Robust stainless steel miniature ultrasonic sensors – Miniature distance sensors M12 - chemically robust – Chemically robust ultrasonic distance sensors

Miniature M12 sensors – chemically robust

  • M12 for tight installation spaces
  • Narrow beam shape
  • Fast response time < 6 ms     
  • Proximity switches, retro-reflective and distance sensors
  • Sensing distances up to 200 mm   


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Your benefit
  • Process stability in aggressive environments
    • Unaffected by moisture and vapors
    • Chemically resistant to aggressive media thanks to a patented parylene sensor front and a completely metal housing with no weak points (LEDs)
    • Pressure-resistant up to 6 bar
    • Sensor consists of FDA-compliant materials for use in the F&B industry
  • Reliable and efficient object detection
    • Minimal interfering reflections thanks to extremely narrow sonic beams (+/- 10 mm)
    • M18 versions with a wider sonic beam allow larger sensing distances
    • Thanks to response times < 6 ms, the sensors are ideal for fast applications
    • Sensing distances of a maximum of 200 mm (M12)  or 1000 mm (M18)
    • Retro-reflective sensors guarantee absolutely reliable object recognition (beam interruption principle)
  • Simple, cost-effective installation and setup
    • Housing in industry standard stainless steel M12 and M18
    • Extremely simple installation due to the elimination of vibration-free mounting required with typical ultrasonic sensors

  • Presence detection of bottles in fast star fillers to prevent filling failures
  • Presence detection in aseptic filling machines
  • Level detection in pressure tanks up to 6 bar
  • Level measurement in lab technology (e. g. ink)



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