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OXH7 is a unique, compact measuring unit for the intelligent height measurement of objects, with 5 key figures. By linking the key data intelligently, the OXH7 provides direct evaluations for efficient check-and-sort applications in production. 

Your benefits
  • Fast commissioning
    • Optimized design thanks to optical axis alignment (qTarget)
    • Fast sensor alignment by visible laser line and LED indicators
    • Any installation position within ± 30°
    • No reflector required
  • Easy parameterization
    • Predefined measuring modes: minimum and maximum height, average, delta and standard deviation 
    • Only few parameters to optimize your measuring task
    • No external software required
    • Measured value output in millimeter thanks to calibrated sensor
  • High Precision
    • Precise measurements with up to 2 µm repeat accuracy
    • High measuring rates for fast moving objects
    • High ambient light immunity

Compact all-in-one device – Clever height measurement - PosCon OXH7 – Applications

Clever height measurement - PosCon OXH7 – Technology

The compact OXH7 sensor reliably determines statistical height key data such as minimum, maximum, average, delta and standard deviation. Depending on the configured measuring mode, OXH7 automatically calculates the required result and outputs the values in millimeters on the display or to the digital interface.
The OXH7 operates on the 3D light section principle. The laser line projected by the sensor reflects on the object surface and is mapped on a 2-dimensional optical receiver using triangulation. The particularly developed multiple lens system ensures the required optical mapping quality. The precise object height is calculated by the help of smart algorithms and high-performance coordinate transformation. In the respective measuring mode, the measured result can be compared with configured limits and is provided in binary form at the switching output. Alternatively, the measured value is directly output in mm on the display or to the interface.


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