Technical Background

The Jetson TX1 is a single board computer with an ARM-based central processing unit (CPU). It’s a quad-core CPU based on the ARM Cortex A57 64bit architecture. It further integrates a graphics processing unit (GPU) based on the NVIDIA Kepler architecture. The Jetson TX1 supports Gigabit Ethernet with Jumbo Frames and data rates up to 1 Gbit/sec as well as USB 3.0 featuring data rates of up to 5 GBit/sec.

Getting Started

Installing a new OS on NVIDIA Jetson TX1

Installing a new OS on NVIDIA Jetson TX1 requires a host PC with Linux OS (only Ubuntu 16.04 is supported by NVIDIA). It is necessary to install the OS version Linux for Tegra R24.2.1 on the Jetson TX1 to get the Baumer GAPI SDK working.


First download the Driver Package and the Sample File System from the following link:


Then, follow the guide on the NVIDIA website to install the new OS:



Please refer to the Installation Guide for Linux on how to connect a camera, aquire images and build an application.


Installing Baumer GAPI SDK

To install the Baumer GAPI SDK download the Jetson TX1 software package from the Baumer website ( You can download the software package directly to the Jetson TX1 by connecting it to the internet. Then install the software by using the Linux terminal. Change to the directory where the downloaded file is stored (e.g. /home/user/Downloads).

The file is called “baumer-gapi-sdk-linux-v2.7.xxxxx-Ubuntu-16.04-arm64.deb”1


Start the installation by executing the following command:

# sudo dpkg -i baumer-gapi-sdk-linux-v2.7.xxxxx-Ubuntu-16.04-arm64.deb1

1 xxxxx is a version number

GigE Performance

Onboard GigE Ethernet Adapter

Since the Onboard GigE Ethernet Adapter is realized via USB3 hub it offers a lower performance level.

If this adapter is used, it is recommended to use a larger packet delay in order to avoid corrupted frames.

Ethernet Adapter via PCIe

For best Ethernet performance it is recommended to use the PCIe bus of the TX1 board. Here a lower packet delay can be used for avoiding corrupted frames.


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