Tools and detergents

For camera sensor cleansing we suggest using:

Tools and detergents
How to do it

First the cleaning tissue needs to be wrapped around the spatula and moistened with the detergent.

Cleaning tool preparation

In order to remove dust and other particles of soiling, the cleaning tool needs to rest straight and upright on the sensor’s cover glass.

Placing the cleaning tool on the cover glass

The best cleaning results can be achieved by wiping the sensor’s cover glass in one continuous move from top to bottom.

Wiping off particles of soiling from top to bottom


The sensor sealant is not resistant against methanol, so please don’t expose it to methanol for long times or in large amounts.


Cleansing alternatives

To remove loose particles, the use of oil-free compressed air might be an option.

Alternative cleansing by using oil-free compressed air


Compressed air might cause sealant and filter bracket coming off place. Please make sure both are properly positioned.


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