Jun 19, 2024

Simply code and text reading: new Baumer IDC230
IDC230 is up to various tasks in the industries of packaging, electronics and food. It is also capable of quality tasks in assembly and track and trace in intralogistics.

Sensor expert Baumer has further extended their Smart Vision portfolio with a high-performance code and text reader. Compact IDC230 characterizes by the same ease of use and commissioning the recently launched IDC200 multicode reader is already known for.

Eased integration and commissioning

Further to easy installation of the handy device, a particular benefit is time-saving commissioning via web interface. Unlike most conventional code and text readers, IDC230 setup does not require any specialized software. Time-consuming installation releases by the internal IT department belong to the past. Combined with smart installation accessories, the sophisticated user menu ensures quick and hazzle-free commissioning. Using the USB-C port, the multicode reader can be easily connected to a computer and put into operation via web interface. Thanks to Auto-setup, just one click will suffice for reading several different codes. The space-saving housing, matching accessories, Ethernet and USB-C interfaces as well as Profinet, Ethernet/IP and DIO protocols ensure easy integration. Thanks to the freely configurable data telegrams, the code readers of the IDC family (IDC230, IDC200) easily integrate into existing systems and can be adapted to individual data formats.

High-performant and fast code and text reader

IDC230 is based on the same innovative technology platform as the IDC200 Multicode Reader and is capable of reading multiple lines of text and 1D/2D codes in parallel at high speed. IDC230 can process up to 40 frames per second, even of different code types. The bright integrated lighting will solve even challenging applications without the need for external illumination and this way saving additional costs and effort.

With new IDC230 from the multicode reader series, Baumer provides the right solution for applications in industrial automation that require simultaneous text reading, for example in the form of label inspection. Reflective surfaces, changing light conditions or module sizes at minimum resolution limit are no problem at all for the IDC230.

Applications ranging from warehouse logistics to electronics production

IDC230 is suitable for multifaceted applications in varied industries. For example, the code reader can be deployed for quality control in assembly, for track and trace in intralogistics and for various tasks in the industries of packaging, electronics and food.

The IDC230 is available as of June 2024.

Further information: www.baumer.com/idc

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