Precise balancing and identification of efficiency are key for successful brew house work. In the heart of brewing, Baumer sensors ensure best possible exploitation of raw materials and energy. Neither the hot conditions can impact the signal quality, nor the longevity of the sensors. This is alike in the cold block later. Working down the recipes correctly ensures stable high quality of the production and the final beer. High accuracy, fast response times and insensitivity against temperatures and temperature changes support best in class results.

Conditioned milling

Stable level in the conditioning chute, right amount and temperature of the water ensure successful mashing and lautering in the next steps. Baumer sensors ensure evenly conditioned malt and best possible milling results.

Mash tun

Flush mounted or minimally invasive sensors support successful mashing by avoiding unwanted resistance in the mash tun.  Accurate water handling, level control and most important temperature control ensure good mashing results.

Lauter tun

Targeting high extract yield with short lauter times requires highly accurate pressure sensors to control the cutting arms. The sparging water needs to have the desired temperature and volume to achieve best possible extract washing with the least amount of water to save energy and time steaming it out in the wort kettle.

Wort kettle

The perfect boiling process is short and crisp. Baumer sensors measure the main parameter to achieve this, report the energy consumption and avoid am mess caused by boiling over.


Flush integrated sensors protect the centripetal forces that create the trub cone. They don`t hamper the current flow in the vessel and this way improve whirlpool operation.

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