Feb 28, 2023

Students of the HTWG in Constance develop a device for laser line evaluation
Students HTWG

Early detection of rejects in the production process is crucial for efficient product manufacturing. Our smart OX profile sensors offer an ideal solution here. Naturally, early detection of rejects is also central to the production of our profile sensors, which is why a team of students from the HTWG in Constance has had the opportunity to work extensively on this topic over the past semester.

Last semester, the students from the Electrical Systems master's degree program developed a device to check the laser lines of Baumer OX profile sensors for defects in the "Embedded Systems" course. The teams were supervised by our colleagues Julian Achatzi and Daniel Ritzmann from the Embedded Team in Stockach. 

And this is what happened:
In addition to incorporating agile development methods and using 3D printing to produce the housing, the young developers also found plenty of creative solutions in the algorithms. In addition, they were able to gain valuable experience in project work. 

Last week, the student team led by Prof. Dr. Boris Böck visited us at the Frauenfeld site for a presentation of their results. In addition to the presentation of their developed devices, the students had the opportunity to talk to Baumer employees at a Career Lunch and could learn more about jobs, thesis topics, as well as entry opportunities at Baumer. 

At this point, many thanks for the commitment, Daniel and Julian, and we are looking forward to further projects!

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