Jun 12, 2024

Unrivaled robustness: The new Baumer ultrasonic sensor UF401V for Mobile Machines
Particularly developed for mobile machines: The Baumer ultrasonic sensor UF401V is designed for maximum reliability even under wet conditions, dust, chemicals and extreme temperatures.

You can rely on Baumer sensors – on the shop floor hall and in harsh outdoor conditions. The most recent example is the UF401V ultrasonic sensor, which was particularly developed for mobile machines and unrivaled resilience. The sensor design is engineered for maximum reliability even under wet, dusty, chemical and extreme temperature conditions and has been tested to the highest standards of the off-highway industry. The proven impermeability exceeding IP68/IP69K is unique for ultrasonic sensors.

Ideal for harsh outdoor use

This durability makes new UF401V the ideal ultrasonic sensor for agricultural machinery, construction machinery, working platforms and other mobile machines that have to withstand the harshest conditions. The user benefits from maximum reliability and enhanced operating time. The "automotive grade" design spares OEMs the need of own complex service life tests and will minimize the time to market. To ensure this, UF401V is compliant to several industry standards such as ISO14982, EN13309, ISO13766, ISO15003, EN60947-5-2/-5-7.

For measuring track width, floor clearance and level detection

The UF401V plays to its strengths particularly in agricultural applications. Thanks to outstandingly short response times, the sensor is ideal for agile applications such as presence monitoring of bales, bale film and distance measurements. UF401V can also be deployed at all hydraulically actuated machine parts that require position feedback. For example, it provides reliable data to precisely record track widths, spray heights or other device settings, even where installation space is limited. Thanks to its flat back, the compact short-range ultrasonic sensor is very easy to integrate.

Smart distance measurement ignores plant parts

Further to speed and precision, a major benefit of the UF401V is the specialized feature for interference compensation: the smart ultrasonic sensor is capable of suppressing temporary interference in distance measurement to ensure consistent measurement data, even in the event of short interruptions by plants coming in between sensor and measurement surface. This will ease integration at control level.

What makes the UF401V so robust?

Thanks to in-depth application know-how, Baumer is very familiar with the special requirements of sensor solutions for mobile machines and has designed and tested the UF401V specifically for this purpose. To ensure the competitive edge in robustness, the new ultrasonic sensor had to prove itself in numerous tests, including the particularly demanding endurance test of "thermal shock dunk". The UF401V is further immune to shocks and vibrations, dust and dirt, moisture, condensation and salt spray. The non-contact ultrasonic sensing principle eliminates any wear and tear and ensures reliable operation at temperatures ranging from -25 to 70°C.

Further information: www.baumer.com/c/47913

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