VeriSens® for Universal Robots – Vision Guided Robotics easier than ever before
This year, the jury of the professional journal "inspect" nominated the robot suited VeriSens® XF/XC900 vision sensors with its patent-pending SmartGrid for the "inspect award 2021" in the category Vision.

If you are also convinced too, please vote for the VeriSens® until 16 October 2020. By the way, with a little luck you can also win one of three Amazon vouchers there. We keep our fingers crossed for you!
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This is why the VeriSens® for Universal Robots should win
Robots with “eyes” offer enormous versatility in the application. Pick and place flexibility, gripper clearance checks, overlap inspection, quality control, object identification and more – image processing only makes many things possible

From our point of view, the most important thing is that this technology can be used by everyone and is not reserved for specialists. This is why we invented the SmartGrid.
Why is VeriSens® with Universal Robots so unique?
  • No longer manual but automated:  thanks to the automated coordinate alignment via SmartGrid eliminates the conventional required elaborate manual “hand-eye” procedure.
  • Teach-in for correction of image distortion in real time
  • Automated conversion to world coordinates and orientation within the coordinate system
  • Z-calibration for 3D scaling of coordinates

Really easy:  It takes only two commands in UR programming to access the many great benefits of image processing:
  • Control object pick and place
  • Quality control: Use waypoints in various task of quality inspection with up to 32 feature checks
  • Object identification: Use waypoints for easy object identification, e.g. by bar codes or matrix codes and reading plain text (OCR)

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